Tron Still Atop as the King of DApps

The Tron Foundation, headed by Justin Sun, seems to have successfully risen to the top of the game as far Decentralized Applications (DApps) are concerned. Tron is now regarded as the leading DApp platform by most people, even sometimes placed higher than EOS and Ethereum.

TRON Dapp Weekly Report

Very recently the official Twitter for the Tron foundation announced its “TRON Dapp Weekly Report”, displaying the progress it had successfully made. According to the tweet:

“The number of #Dapp has increased by 10, reaching 495. DAU has decreased slightly and stayed around 51K. The total volume of transaction marked around 97M USD. Other data remained stable. #TRON #TRX $TRX.”

According to the report, the Tron Foundation is very interested in diversity and this is why the week’s report also has a DAppRadar and DAppTotal.

The Tron platform is quite interested in gaming which is evident in its DApp. The report confirms that allows users enjoy a variety of games available on the platform. It says:

“ users can purchase investment cards to enjoy all the high-return gaming services the platform has to provide. To achieve that, will gradually raise the value of different objects in the games by increasing the total number of games on the platform and hosting occasional quizzes with prizes.”