An Introduction to CoinGoCoin – A Secured Platform for new ICOs and Wire Transfer via Cryptocurrency

As the world becomes flatter and international transactions growth, issues with traditional financial system, especially in wire transfer, are becoming prominent. The heavy structure of middlemen involved in each transaction demands high fee to maintain, yet still leaves space for fraudulent and tampering. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and the birth of its most popular application – Bitcoin – are the result of a lack of trustworthiness in traditional financial system. Amid the ambiguity of this developing solutions, CoinGoCoin is born aiming to solve these issues within cryptocurrency itself, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency payment and cryptocurrency trading.

Launched in Singapore on November 30th, 2018 from an agreement between Soft Trade Service – the exchange operator, and Sin Tan Soft Pte Ltd – the developer, CoinGoCoin is a new cryptocurrency exchange designed to be one of the safest ones in the world.

Secure your money

CoinGoCoin understands that security is extremely crucial when it comes to your money. That’s the reason why our exchange specifically invested in the development of a corporate blockchain and intelligent antifraud system to secure your transactions right from the beginning.

Once deposited in CoinGoCoin, your fund will be transferred to our “cold storages” with higher security access. Our private blockchain then ensures untampered record of your information from both within our platform and your external activities. When a transaction is made, CoinGoCoin’s intelligent module will automatically scan all user’s operations for signs of suspicious or fraudulent activities, then stop and mark them with special triggers. Your fund will stay in your account until you authorise any transactions with it.

Effortless start

It only takes a few minutes to start an account with CoinGoCoin!

Step 1: Click on “Register”. In the Registration section, fill in your information. Then tick all the boxes and click “Open An Account”.

Step 2: Within the next few minutes, check your mailbox to find the Account Activation email from CoinGoCoin. Then click on “Activate”.

Step 3: Now that your account is ready, deposit some money into your account and you are set to start trading!

High compatibility

For exchanges that work with a variety of platforms, lack of standard can jeopardise the integration of a unique token throughout different systems. CoinGoCoin integrates most standards and thus, can work with 14 different types of wallet, including ERC20 standard wallet. This ensures a smooth operation with current and new currencies likewise, and minimises the listing preparation time required of new ICOs.

Cost saving

Cash, bank transfer, credit card or debit cards are common traditional wire transfer methods via banking system. Not only do they charge high fee but also involve lots of complicated process on top of a transfer cap. Independent services like Western Union even charge a higher fee of up to 6% for your transactions. For CoinGoCoin, you are only charge a competitive fee of 1%.

Low entry threshold

For most new ICOs and cryptocurrency start-ups, listing in regular exchanges is a real challenge due to difficult KYC process and the entry threshold of hefty $250,000 listing fee. While these policies have done well to stop new tokens entering the market, CoinGoCoin decided to support these potential ICOs with the rate of only $50,000 upfront payment. The rest are paid in token as an encouragement and a head-start boost for these independent projects.

Should your start-up own a coin already but haven’t found an exchange to list them yet, our CoinGoCoin’s brokers will help you trade coins manually and present you with online statistics that after two weeks, can be used by other big exchanges to further your listing.

Commits to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your personal information

CoinGoCoin acknowledges that collecting and storing personal data comes with immense responsibility. For this reason, our KYC process and data management mechanisms fully comply with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act of 2012 (PDPA) which governs the way companies collect, store, utilize, and disclose personal data. It is important to note that to operate in Singapore, fintech companies are required to comply with KYC laws, which necessitates them to collect personal data in accordance with PDPS standards. Thus, the KYC process is not only important to fintech companies but fully sanctioned by the law as well. Moreover, Singapore advocates for, and supports the ambitious use of technology to transform business and create real value for all its citizens.

In complying with PDPA standards, CoinGoCoin ensures that:

  • That we notify clients on how their data is collected, used or disclosed
  • That proper consent is granted before data is collected, used or disclosed
  • That we will not use the collected information for purposes other than that defined
  • That we will provide information, upon request, on how client’s data has been used over a period of 12 months
  • That each client’s data is complete and accurate
  • That we will never unlawfully lease, sell or give your personal information
  • And that data is secured from unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure

Through our internal data privacy framework, CoinGoCoin knows exactly how customers’ data flow within the company, and more importantly how it is used. We also acknowledge that data may sometimes be vulnerable to breaches. Thus, the company also conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment including measures such as data masking, loss prevention as well as user rights monitoring.

To ensure zero compromises on regulation, CoinGoCoin looks beyond just Singapore’s data protection laws. It has considered a wide range of industry-specific obligations and legislations regarding data protection.

Unrelenting attention to security

CoinGoCoin assures you clients that our KYC process is a reliable and a compliant solution for all your KYC needs. Rather than have personal data scattered across different platforms, CoinGoCoin aggregates this information in one secure platform for easy data protection. The entire verification systems (including data centres) are tamper-proof and hence cannot be tampered by third parties.

Please contact CoinGoCoin through if you any other investment-related issues or need further clarification.