Anonymity and the U.S. Treasury Department

Why you should not share your data with the government bodies? The article describes the experience of CoinGoCoin partners.

The U.S. government is constantly trying to impose control over the cryptocurrency. In part, it does this to counter extremism and partly for tax purposes (benefits).

“Uncle Sam” spends a millions of US dollars per year for transaction tracking. In this case, the coins are considered as a legal property in the United States.

Cryptocurrency (the entire system, as it is intended) operates on the principles of anonymity. The last ensures its “survival.” As well as transboundariness and investment attractiveness. Mean that income is generated on the basis of “highly intelligent investments.”

Our policy

However, some platforms (in the pursuit of rating) “leak” their customers’ data. Indirect and direct. We believe that this is a wrong and destructive approach. Let’s explain why.

Reasons for anonymity

Many people think that cryptocurrency is completely anonymous. That’s partly true. But on what – depends only on you.

The choice of platform provides a level of anonymity. 

If the platform participates in rating, it will automatically, rather than compulsorily, transfer transaction data.

Financial authorities explore the statistics and find the necessary connections. Also basing on artificial intelligence technology.

Over time, it becomes a monitoring. Individual subjects suffer. This may lead to judicial investigations and tax requirements. The last are not provided with any additional benefits from the government.

A participant in the system can make enemies, envious people very easily. The last will control their own strategies and tactics and make money from the work of others. It is for this reason that banking secrecy has emerged. Which is not particularly tried to keep in Russia.

Databases are constantly collected and sold on the Internet. The most dangerous thing is to show your plan to the enemy.

Therefore CoinGoCoin strongly oppose any level of data disclosure. Invest in coins with CoinGoCoin. The platform ensures the full legitimacy and anonymity of transactions.