AtomicPay Launches Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

AtomicPay Launches Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

AtomicPay, a decentralized and non-custodial cryptocurrency payment processor, announced on Friday it launched its non-custodial cryptocurrency payment solution globally. Founded in 2018, AtomicPay describes itself as a new payment option on top of the conventional payment methods. The company claims it can save users 2 to 5 percent on each transaction paid using its platform.

AtomicPay noted it does not store or withhold any funds of merchants. It is an entirely P2P payment solution, with the convenience and benefits of a payment processor. While sharing more details about the service, AtomicPay Founder, Benz Rif, stated:

“Cryptocurrency itself is decentralized, but blockchain payment processors continued to be centralized. This resulted in the same old problems with high processing fees, hidden charges, slow settlements, hacks, foul plays, privacy and censorship issues. If you don’t own the private key, you don’t own your cryptocurrency. AtomicPay does not have access to merchant’s private key and money goes directly to their cold wallet.”

AtomicPay currently supports 156 fiat currencies and major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and more. The startup has plans to integrate Stellar and Ethereum support by the second quarter of 2019 and its features include QuickPay, Point-of-Sale, PayURL, Payment Buttons, Access Control as well as open source plugins for popular eCommerce platforms.

AtomicPay added the non-custodial payment processor offers a flat rate processing fee per transaction, with no hidden charges. It is currently offering signup credits for new merchants to process up to $1000 USD worth of transactions at no charges.