Auction is a way to attract customers and partners.

Developers will be interested in this tool for the construction and sale of square meters before facility commissioning or up to any other stage. Projects can also be financed at an early stage through auctions. You can find  a suppliers of building materials, buy an equipment, hire an employees (builders for example), finance an advertising for your residential complex.

This raises the issue of resource availability and proximity. Suppose you are a development in Sochi. But you think that the easiest way to find the investors in the United Arab Emirates, partners – in Moscow, and the best building materials in Finland, the most reliable equipment is German, responsible, hardworking and non-drinker builders could come to you from Kyrgyzstan, but customers who dream to become owners of housing near the sea need to look for all over Russia.

You remember the famous joke, don’t you?

Paradise is a place where an Englishman is a policeman, a German is a mechanic, a Frenchman is a cook and an Italian is a lover.

But Hell is a place where an Italian is a policeman, a Frenchman is a mechanic, an Englishman is a lover, and a German is a cook.

And the question that has to be answered is how, having only an idea, even the most brilliant to collect all the pieces of this puzzle together?

Obviously, you need a platform that allows you to provide the necessary information from home to target audiences all around the world, where you can post the information on the search for partners, investors and employees with clear geographical or any other preferences, find suppliers of all the equipment and materials you need.

You will only need to clearly state your wishes, put them up for auction at CoinGoCoin with a deferred date of up to 30 days, during which you will publish advertisements on separate pages on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), focused on a specific region or even a city with a link to the planned auction and after 30 days as a result of the auction to receive offers from potential customers, partners, sponsors, employees, suppliers, from which you will only have to choose the ones that most fully meet your needs. You don’t have to find investors or make personal sacrifices: credit, property sales, debts.

All you need to do is to have an idea and a clear understanding of what you need for its implementation. We will provide a platform for you with many years of experience. Our team and effective modern tools will attract customers and partners for your team.