Binance.US Adds Support by Listing Both ATOM and NEO Coins to Exchange

Newly-formed Binance America crypto exchange at Binance.US to include NEO and Cosmos (ATOM) crypto assets, both in the top 20 by coin market cap with full trading support.

Binance US wing has decided to list two more cryptocurrencies. The giant leading exchange will enable its users to trade the Cosmos (ATOM) and NEO (NEO) coins.

In an announcement made on Oct. 30, Binance said that these two tokens would be available for trading starting Oct. 31. The two cryptocurrencies are said to be in the top 20 influential tokens by market capitalization. That is according to a post made by Coin360.

The Binance announcement also made it clear that users can now start depositing funds to their trading accounts before trading for the two tokens are enabled on Oct. 31 at 9:00 p.m EST.

Cosmos is known to be a mediator that enables different blockchains to interrelate. Cosmos itself is a blockchain-based arena. Withdrawals are, however, not enabled only deposits until the trading for the two tokens go live.

Cosmos launched its platform in March 2019. That is after it had raised $17.3 million from the token sale that happened in April 2017.

Neo, on the other hand, is a blockchain application platform that is open-source and decentralized. Neo became the first-ever blockchain member to join Microsoft’s open-source project in September. The project is dubbed the .NET Foundation.

During the time of the announcement, NEO was trading at $10.87 while ATOM was trading at $3.10.

Binance Lists STX Token after “Long-term Payment” of $250,000

Blockstack’s STX token is to remain listed on Binance after the firm paid an amount of 250,000 as kind of a long term payment so that the token remains on the Binance platform. A filing to the SEC from Blockstack showed that Binance got 833,333 STX that was valued at $0.30 according to the valuation provided by Blockstack, and that was an equivalent of $250,000.

Binance said that there was no listing fee charged on the company and that Blockstack would be responsible for the marketing payment.