Bitcoin SV [BSV] partners with London-based Zeux payment system

Bitcoin SV [BSV] partners with London-based Zeux payment system

Bitcoin SV, the breakaway crypto asset from the original Bitcoin Cash, welcomed a partnership with Zeux, a payment system which has now adopted the virtual currency onto its platform.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is extremely competitive in terms of a virtual asset’s push for adaptability and mass implementation. Bitcoin SV, the eleventh largest cryptocurrency is the world, currently lacks the status and appeal to be adopted as a widely used digital currency, according to crypto enthusiasts.

However, Zeux, a London-based Fintech Company which offers efficient and instant cryptocurrency payments for its users, has now allowed Bitcoin SV holders to make transactions and payments at any place where Apple Pay or Samsung Pay is accepted.

Zeux foreign exchange pioneers an integration of all financial services for its dedicated users over the convenience of a single app. The company is FCA authorized and will launch a multi-functional application in April for its user base in Europe. The company is hoping to launch its product worldwide by 2020.

The company has also introduced the ZeuxCoin Token [ZUC], a loyalty holding token which will initiate cashback on all crypto purchases and a payment fees.

Calvin Ayre, Bitcoin SV proponent, welcomed the establishment with enthusiasm and stated,

“It is becoming increasingly clear from proof rather than talk that BSV is the only scalable coin out there. It is key to show the tangible utility of BSV. Being on-boarded by Zeux adds a very important layer for BSV as it can now be used to pay in people’s daily lives. It is a pivotal moment for mass adoption of crypto currencies. Very exciting times.”

Frank Zhou, CEO and Founder of Zeux, also commented on the newly formed partnership. He said,

“We’re delighted to add BSV to our payment portfolio. As one of the biggest cryptocurrencies this represents a big step forward to Zeux becoming the world’s first crypto mobile payment and investment app. I believe that, together, we can provide our customers with more personal financial freedom by combing the Fiat and Crypto worlds.”