Bitfinex Exchange Launches Affiliate Program Offering Up to Three Referral Levels

BitFinex exchange launches a social media affiliate program that allows customers to earn commission on referrals made to the exchange. The program, ‘BitFinex Affiliate Program’ is a multi-tiered program that offers users the opportunity to earn “unlimited commissions” by referring their friends, family, etc. The official BitFinex Affiliate program welcomes users to join the program as it reads,

“Whether you are a crypto trader or a die-hard crypto fan, you can invite your social network through the BitFinex Affiliate Program and earn unlimited commission.”

Up to Three Levels of Connection

In a bid to increase user participation and interaction with the platform, BitFinex launched the Affiliate program, following in the steps of Binance, OKEx and a number of major crypto exchanges. However, the BitFinex Affiliate program differs from the rest as it involves three levels of connection allowing users to earn more commission on their referrals.

The first level of connection disburses 18% in commissions to the referee, 6% for the second level referral and 2% for a third level referral. In other words, if customer A recruits customer B, they earn 18% in fees commissions from trades by customer B. If customer B refers customer C, then customer A will earn 6% commission on fees paid by customer C.

Special Rewards for UNUS LEO Holders

Furthermore, a report from the BitFinex team confirmed special rewards for UNUS LEO token holders. The report read,

“When affiliates and their referrals meet certain requirements, such as verifying an account and/or accumulating holdings of at least 500 Tethers (USDT) worth of UNUS SED LEO tokens, affiliates will also be entitled to multipliers of up to 2.16x on their commission.”

While an efficient and cheap trading platform is the key goal for BitFinex exchange, CTO at the exchange, Paolo Ardoino claims the exchange will work on the project to boost overall user engagement and

“help grow the cryptocurrency community further.”

He also said,

“We strive to provide our clients with the most engaging and social trading experience.”

The exchange recently won a suit in its $900 million USD Tether case allowing the company to halt all collection of documents as asked by the New York Attorney General court.