Calibra Wallet App Team Is Searching For A Research Scientist To Work At Menlo Park

Calibra is currently searching for an economic expert that would help the teams behind Facebook improve its Calibra wallet and Libra digital asset. The job position is currently open and interested individuals can already apply.

  • Facebook’s Calibra wallet is currently searching for a research scientist to work at Menlo Park, CA
  • Facebook has recently released its virtual currency called Libra

Facebook continues to expand after announcing the launch of its new digital currency Libra. The team behind the Calibra Wallet informed that they are currently searching for an economics researcher for the digital currency wallet that will be powering the Libra digital currency. This information was released by Facebook a few days ago in a job announcement.

Facebook Wants To Improve Its Calibra Wallet

According to the job description, Facebook is working in order to give people the possibility to build communities and “bring the world closer together.” With Calibra, they want to provide financial services to individuals around the world through the Libra digital asset.

The new Calibra wallet will be available in Messenger and WhatsApp. It would also be available as a standalone application. This app is going to be supporting peer-to-peer payments and help users process transactions through QR codes. Merchants and shops would also be able to accept digital currency payments through this application.

According to the job announcement, Calibra will include many other use cases. For example, Calibra will also include in-store payments, direct integration into Point-of-Sale systems and even more. At the moment, the team behind Calibra is currently seeking for a candidate that would leverage economic theory and apply it into real-world solutions. This individual will also be executing projects related to auction design, economics and more.

The job announcement reads as follows:

“Candidates should demonstrate a strong research background and the ability to disseminate findings clearly and succinctly. This job will involve both foundational product work and academic research centred around the Calibra digital wallet and the Libra currency.”

Some of the main responsibilities include:

  • Work with different Facebook team to identify and answer economics-related questions
  • Take economic decisions and also research agendas involving the Libra digital asset
  • Author novel economics research

At the same time, the candidate should have a PhD in economics or finance and 6 or more years of experience working in the financial industry. They also should have knowledge in R or Python and knowledge with SQL.