Coinbase Caught Red-Handed as Crypto Exchange Shuts Down Bundle Product Secretly

The Coinbase Bundle Product, which was initially launched as a basket of five cryptocurrencies (BTCBCHETHETC, and LTC), has been shut down reports The Block.

Such move clearly didn’t go unmissed, as this piece of information went missing from the cryptocurrency exchange’s website. As seen on the Coinbase FAQ page,

“Coinbase Bundle purchases have been deprecated, as such all assets purchased in the Coinbase Bundle have been redistributed to their respective individual asset wallets.”

Upon the launch of a said bundle package, the Coinbase team advertised it as an easier way of trading as opposed to purchasing individual cryptocurrencies. Here’s what has since been referenced by the news outlet,

“The vision of an open financial system depends on people’s ability to understand, explore, and choose cryptocurrencies. We expect that millions of people will make their first cryptocurrency purchase in the coming years.”

The FAQ also notes that “users will no longer see a standalone wallet for their Coinbase Bundle purchases.”  This being said, this will not have an effect on,

“the amount of cryptocurrencies purchased as part of the package will not have changed as is thus ‘a cosmetic-only change’.”