Coinbase Launches New Coinbase Pro Mobile App for Trading On The Go

Coinbase has officially announced via its blog that Coinbase Pro is about to receive a mobile app. The app will be focused on institutional and professional traders and its main goal is to provide a more smooth experience for the users.

The service was designed to provide the traders with more information and the tools that could enable them to trade at any time without any risk. Crypto markets are generally open 24/7, so the traders need ways to access it wherever they are.

Before now, the retail customers of the company already had access to an app that could be used to track bitcoin prices as well as the bigger crypto market, but this is the first fully optimized mobile experienced launched that caters to professional investors.

Coinbase affirmed that several features have been asked since the launch of the desktop app. Now, traders can check order books, advanced orders, check portfolios and real-time price candles all via their phones.

The post affirmed that users had to choose between usability and mobility until now, the app is a option for them so not to struggle with making this choice anymore. They can simply choose both without any problem and have access to all the necessary features.

This is a huge move from Coinbase. The company is currently the largest crypto exchange based in the United States and the one that attracts more institutional users. With this move, the company is set to make the lives of its clients easier and to acquire more clients, too.

Right now, the app is only available for iOS. However, the Android app was also announced and it will be released