CoinGoCoin release new auction product “Auction2y”

In today’s world there are a huge number of opportunities to spend money.  We have an access to travel, to the shops anywhere in the world, kilometers of retail space in shopping malls, but not everything can always be bought in stores.  That is why auctions are in great demand from the moment of their appearance more than three hundred years ago and to this day.  Nowadays, so many auctions are held in the world every day that it is simply impossible to take a direct part in all those who are interested.  Online auctions come to the rescue.  Online auction platforms provide an opportunity to meet the buyer and seller from all over the world.

CoinGoCoin platform is a tool for conducting e-commerce and is an online portal for tenders and auctions in real time. CoinGoCoin allows sellers and buyers to simply, quickly and confidentially carry out transactions, choosing the best offer and price / quality ratio, provides transparent and open sales/purchase procedures, and expands the geography of participants.

A wide range of goods may participate in transactions at the auction, including:

Currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dogecoin, Stellar, Tron, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, NEM, Paxos, RUBT, WTS, PRIZM, TAN, RUB, EUR, USD;

Loans: short-term, medium-term, long-term loans and exchange transactions;

Securities and gold: certificates for gold, silver coins, promissory notes and bills of exchange;

Education: training courses, online webinars, workshops, marathons, specialized consultations;


Real estate: commercial and residential real estate, land, garages and warehouses, rental apartments and villas;

Antiques: paintings, collectors’ coins, figurines, antique watches and other;

Business for sale: ready-made offline business, franchise; online store, website, blog, application; domains, advertising platforms, channels, pages;

Travel packages: holiday and exclusive tours;

Food: coffee, cocoa, tea, chocolate; patented food; fish and seafood; meat products; vegetables and fruits; cereals; wines; medicines and nutritional supplements;

Services: brokers and traders; developers and IT programmers; builders; accountants, auditors, financial analysts; lawyers;

CoinGoCoin discounts: discounts on trade from 25% to 100%, exemption from commission for withdrawal, reward for registration on CoinGoCoin, consultation with a broker;

– Priority requests: cars, watches, jewelry, mobile phones, luxury clothing, freight transport, equipment, laptops and tablets, collectible toys for children, paintings and art from artists.

The CoinGoCoin platform serves a narrow circle of investors and brokers who use it for mutual settlements on transactions that can be made in fiat money or cryptocurrency available on the platform.

Using the CoinGoCoin platform for trading helps to ensure the security and anonymity of all financial transactions made through the platform.  The system is protected by a private blockchain, and the information of all participants in transactions is not stored in the database, which allows us to ensure complete confidentiality.