TRON Weekly Update Shows The Rise In Their dApp Performance

Another week has gone by and Tron continued to make progress in their ecosystem. In the latest edition of their weekly report, the company highlights the continued growth of their number of dApps.

Earlier we had reported about the growth in Tron’s new users with some 310,503 versus its rival Ethereum at 277,554 and EOS at 61,429. They, however, missed out on number 1 spot for the number of transactions on the blockchain to EOS.

This week they say that they have added 7 new dApps making the cumulative number to 502. However, there was a slight dip in DAU, transfers and transaction volume when compared to the previous week.

Tron’s gaming platform, Tron UP launched a lucky number game. It’s a very simple game with players guessing the correct number to get TRX rewards. Another dApp launched this week was Tron Boardgames. The report even went in detail about G.Game which will soon be launched on the platform. G.Game is a new gaming platform with community autonomy, which aims at autonomy, transparency, and efficiency.

Transactional volume has been an Achilles heel for TRON. Despite having the most dapps coming in, and with the largest active user base, Tron did not have the highest transactional volume. EOS had over staggering 742 million transactions since the beginning of the year, while Tron only had over 192 million transactions. Surprisingly, Ethereum had just around 11.7 million transactions to its name, lesser even than the young gun IOST.