Credit Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to Your Uber App via Vendit Payment System

You Can Now Credit Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to Your Uber App via Vendit Payment System

Vendit has recently announced that it will now start supporting the Uber application. Currently, Uber is the largest cab-hailing service in the world. This announcement is an indication that cryptocurrencies can now be credited to an individuals’ Uberwallet. A rider can then use the tokens in their wallet to pay for their rides.

By providing this kind of support, Vendit becomes the first crypto firm in the world to be able to successfully link a virtual currency to an Uber wallet. It is, however, worth noting that many other companies have been working towards making this a possibility for some time now.

Vendit Payment System

The payment system in use by Vendit is one that utilizes a special processor system. The merchant system can, later on, be integrated into a POS system, making it possible to seamlessly integrate it with other applications, e.g., the Uber wallet.

Vendit at the moment provides support for other applications and services such as the world-renowned pizza chain, Domino’s Pizza and IHOP. The public was made aware of this recent development through a press release sent out through the official vendit website.

In the announcement, the company stated that it was pleased to note that Uber had now been added to its official payment system. This would make it possible for Uber users to top up their Uber wallets through the purchase of various cryptocurrencies. The announcement goes on to state that the company believes that this milestone will help contribute to new use cases.

The firm is also hopeful that others in the crypto industry will believe the new achievement as well. Vendit is also hopeful that it will be able to make a contribution towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as well as be able to add more merchants into its payment system in the coming days.

You should note that this is not the first time that this cab-hailing service is being associated with cryptocurrencies. A few years ago, the company released a formal announcement indicating that it would soon start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for its cab services.

This development came about when the Argentinian government placed a restriction on the use of credit cards when completing transactions. But after a while, Uber’s cab-hailing services in the Argentinian capital were restricted by the government after many cab service providers started protesting in the capital.

Mike Hu, the CEO and founder of Vendit went on record to state that the incorporation of Uber to its payment processor should not be seen as the end. Mike reiterated that his company has a plan in place that will see it roll out various milestones in the near future.

These are milestones that will see the company aid in hastening the adoption of cryptocurrencies across the globe. It also helps guarantee that with time, many more other well-known applications will receive official support from this online cryptocurrency payment processing system.