Credits Incorporates ChainLink’s Oracle In Its Quest To Develop Blockchain Key Solutions

Credits, the fast and super-scalable DApps-oriented Blockchain platform, and Chainlink are coming together to jointly develop the next revolutionary tech advancements for Blockchain. This latest development is coming at a time when Chainlink, a Blockchain-powered Oracle network provider for Smart Contracts, has been dominating the space.

Credits Blockchain platform’s autonomous smart contracts and the credits solution has immensely revolutionized the entire DApps space. But for it to achieve this quite insurmountable goal, it needs the support of one of the leading Blockchain technologies, according to Gartner and other independent research brands. Simply put, it needs Chainlink by the side!

The two will work together towards creating the next biggest Blockchain-based technological advancements solutions. With Chainlink, a reputable name when it comes to providing super-secure and steadfast enterprise-oriented Oracles will help keep all the data safe and secure.

Ideally, Credits aim to leverage Chainlink’s Oracle in ensuring that the smart contracts are reliable while ensuring that all the inputs and outputs are secure. The partnership even gets more functional for them, considering that Credits comes speeds of over 50,000 TPS and a much-reduced transaction cost of $0.001.