DASH Core Launches New Wallet Upgrade Version After An Attempted Spam On The Network

On August 15, Dash Core, announced it had an abnormally high number of transactions on its network with close to one million transactions on hold.

The Dash development team is yet to find the exact cause of the load in the system but reports show it’s was someone outside the community development team or a potential hack in the system. The load in the system occurred in two phases; Wednesday, August 7 (~650,000 txns) and Thursday, August 8 (~350,000 txns) – for 8 hours and 3 hours respectively.

Following the recent overload in the system, Dash Core has launched a new version of its wallet for users – Dash Core v0.14.0.3.

The Dash Core Wallet Upgrade

The upgrade is set to minimize the overall congestion in the DASH network and preventing the spam attacks. The upgrade is also set to reduce the influence of an attacker in case of a spam.

Furthermore, the team is working on restoring the low fees, synonymous with the privacy  based network while preventing any more attacks.

The team is however still working on the upgrade and is asking for the developer community to come with ideas to prevent such attacks in the future. The report further urges users to upgrade their networks;

“The upgrade is strongly recommended for all Masternodes and is also recommended for all users, exchanges, partners and full node operators.”

Dash continues marching

Despite the recent troubles on its network, DASH continues to flourish on the wider market as recent partnerships show. On August 12, the cryptocurrency was added to PayKassa, a payment aggregator that allows websites to instantly accept crypto payments on their platforms.

Furthermore, Coinbase recently launched the token on the platform opening a trading avenue to the wider U.S market.