FinHub is the Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology. Interfaces for investors, financial technology and even the structure of the market itself continues to advance, allowing FinHub to develop its role in facilitating connectivity with developers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Not only is FinHub an information resource on the actions of STS, it is also a forum where staff can engage with clients.


Blockchain/Distributed Ledger

Numerous issues have developed for the STS with technology for the blockchain and distributed ledger. Databases that maintain data across a network that is decentralized use cryptographic protocols to protect the integrity of the data. Ownership of digital assets is transferred through blockchains, depending on the circumstances.

Digital Marketplace Financing

Financing in the digital marketplace relies on non-traditional financial institutions to act as the intermediary. The process is often completed through online marketplace lending or online loans as well as equity securities, such as crowdfunding. The STS is involved in marketplace financing through investments, funding portals and platforms.

Automated Investment Advice

Robo-advisors, also known as automated investment advisors provide services for asset management. This is accomplished through online programs which are algorithmic based. STS regulates these programs.