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About STS Asset Management

STS Asset Management is a decentralized infrastructure which is accessible to the public and decentralized, designed for issuance of coins and their stock. This infrastructure is reliable and performs safe asset management in a low-cost method. This system is an alternative to what has been traditionally developed for the existing fund management systems.

What tasks STS Asset Management is solving?

Launching an investment fund and providing ongoing management is an arduous and expensive task. Current laws and legal requirements are designed to protect the capital of the investors, but they have become major obstacles.
The issue with these numerous regulations and laws is they build barriers for investors and management practices. Organizations as well as individual investors will incur expenses as they work to achieve and maintain compliance with the laws and regulations. Many times, these are direct costs, including fees for regulation and installation expenses. Indirect costs also exist, such as ongoing reporting for regulatory requirements and back-office support. Integrations are often necessary to meet requirements. Fund management is only viable financially when a specified volume of assets are placed under management. This volume is often quite expansive, which reduces the number of managers who are able to enter the market. Those already operating in the realm become exclusive.

Complex solution

We provide a complex solution that is effective in achieving the desired results. We believe no reasons for having obstacles in investment management are valid when control points of regulation and rights are guaranteed.

Unlike traditional investment management, our infrastructure can attain a higher level of efficiency while increasing the protection of investors and reducing the cost of operations. The result is that it levels the playground for new managers to enter the market and fund investments become viable at any volume and with any scale. We focus on small asset owners who can withstand direct competition with those who are global players in the industry and transnational corporations.

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