Golance Partners With Ripple For More Efficient And Faster Cross-Border Payments

GoLance, a freelancing platform and marketplace where freelancers can be hired on a fixed price or on an hourly basis, has announced that it would be adding Ripple to its long list of payment options to facilitate a better and much faster option of payment for its users.

The Co-founder and CEO of goLance, Michael Brooks, shared the news at the 2019 American Business Awards ceremony after bagging three Stevie awards, as he went on to thank Ripple.

Ripple Making Waves

As a prominent digital currency platform and payment solutions network, Ripple offers several payment options including the xRapid solution, which is entirely based on the cryptocurrency XRP which is a fast and cost-efficient cryptocurrency for achieving cross-border payments, as well as other solutions like the xCurrent and xVia payment options which uses blockchain technology to provide more efficient and swift payments.

An IT services company,  Paralect, collaborating with goLance commended them on their awards and the recent partnership with Ripple. Paralect was quoted saying;

“We’re beyond happy to congratulate our partners and friends at goLance on their 2019 Stevie Awards. Our team has worked with goLance since 2014 and continues to refine the product that is attracting more and more freelance talent around the world. Over the last five years working together with Michael Brooks, founder and CEO of goLance, we’ve helped to create a fully-featured freelance management platform that delights both businesses in need and freelancers capable of meeting those needs.

The goLance team here is headed by our CTO Igor Krasnik who has been on the project since day one and plays a vital role in shaping it into the award-winning platform it is today. Most recently, we’ve developed a solution to add the Ripple Network to the long list of goLance payment integrations. This will allow fast and secure cross-border payment solutions via digital asset.”

Ripple already has an abundance of partners who already make use of their blockchain payment solutions which enables payments to be achieved in a better, faster and more secure way.

It appears that the social media community took the news positively as a Reddit user, @Furitlicious, commented,

“1 of many to come. Can’t wait for them to throw out the “Runs on Ripple” slogan”

While commenting on the development, another Reddit user, @Daleeburg, added that,

“Is there anything stopping any business from hooking into xRapid for cross border payments without a bank?”