Google Cloud Welcomes Cypherium, an Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Company to Its Platform

A report by Cointelegraph confirms Cypherium, a blockchain enterprise solutions company, partnership with tech giant, Google Cloud to launch a product for businesses in the cryptocurrency industry to deal with scalability and decentralization issues – Cypherium Enterprise.

The CEO of Cypherium, Sky Guo, expressed his excitement at the recent partnership with Google Cloud hoping the partnership will spark development in the ever-growing decentralized ledger industry. He said,

“We’re delighted to be collaborating with Google Cloud to provide enterprises with a full-stack solution to harness the potential of this paradigm-shifting technology.”

Cypherium which was founded back in 2017, is planning to launch the Enterprise platform specifically targeting businesses with blockchain needs. With the launch of the platform, users will have a wholesome experience in blockchain solutions with the platform providing high throughput (higher transaction speeds), scalability, security of transactions and seamless interoperability with other blockchains.

A source confirmed that the Google Cloud partnership is only the start of a series of partnerships with top level companies including Amazon Web Services and IBM Cloud. Despite our efforts to get an official comment from all parties, no response has been received yet as at time of writing.

Earlier this year, Google Cloud added Ontology to its vast network of blockchain marketplace to boost blockchain development. Furthermore, QTUM announced in May, users could connect to the blockchain nodes on the Google Cloud platform.