Hydrogen, A Blockchain API Firm, Joins The Oracle Partners Network, Enlisted On Cloud Marketplace

The Hydrogen Technology Corporation launched its blockchain API solution on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and joined the Oracle Partners Network (OPN) on September 4th.

Hydrogen announced their latest certification, “Powered by Oracle” as they joined the Oracle Marketplace providing its blockchain solutions to build and develop blockchain based financial APIs.

The latest addition to Oracle Cloud Marketplace allows financial organizations across the world to:

“create innovative banking, investing, savings, insurance, and wellness applications that are powerful and highly secure”.

Addition to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace opens a gateway for Hydrogen customers to build decentralized APIs on the platform to meet the increasing need for trust and transparency in the financial world.

Hydrogen Joined The Oracle Partner Network (OPN)

The blockchain API solutions firm joined the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) adding it to a network of major industry partners also working with Oracle. The network offers these partners with a differentiated advantage to develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions.

Hydrogen is on the forefront to provide small, medium and big companies alike an opportunity to effectively and efficiently build solutions on the blockchain. The partnership with Oracle Cloud Marketplace allows the company to acquire a new market in the Oracle community. Mike Kane, Co-Founder and CEO of Hydrogen, said,

“Hydrogen’s participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our commitment to the Oracle community and enables customers to easily reap the benefits of our APIs. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud to help us achieve our business goals.”

“A huge opportunity for Hydrogen”

Vice-president, Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development at Oracle, David Hicks, appreciates the latest addition to the Marketplace as a “huge opportunity” to other partners on the network. He further said,

“Hydrogen’s commitment to innovation with the Oracle Cloud and quality execution helps our mutual customers receive cloud-enabled fintech solutions ready to meet critical business needs.”

Hydrogen’s director of growth, Scott Raspa, spoke on Coindesk following the partnership with Oracle Cloud Marketplace to explain the overall benefits users will derive from the partnership.

First, users will have access to the Hydrogen Molecule Project, an identity platform allowing users to make cross border financial transactions, building dApps and issuing tokenized assets.