IOTA Foundation Partners With Hyperledger And Linux To Create Blockchain Solutions On LF Edge

IOTA Foundation announced earlier in the year its plans to increase participation across the community and expand to different markets starting with North America. The project, “Towards Open Collaboration” has received a big boost (especially in the latter goal) as the Foundation partnered with the Linux Foundation to build on the LF Edge platform.

On the partnership, Arpit Joshipura, General Manager, Networking, Edge, and IoT at the Linux Foundation, was excited on the partnership with IOTA as they focus on the development and innovation of the LF Edge platform. He further said,

“Collaboration with IOTA Foundation is another example of the power of collaboration in the open source community and the ways in which our communities can grow stronger together.”

Decentralized Technologies on LF Edge

LF Edge is an open source platform that leverages future technologies including IoT, Edge, Cloud Interoperability and now blockchain to offer developers a full tool kit. The LF Edge platform will leverage IOTA Foundation’s experienced team to complete the stack and advance their development of a truly interoperable solution.

The official post by IOTA Foundation reads,

“By bringing together industry leaders, LF Edge will create a common framework for hardware and software standards and best practices critical to sustaining current and future generations of IoT and edge devices.”

Pilot Project – EdgeX Foundry

The IOTA development team will start off integrating its blockchain platform into EdgeX Foundry, a platform focused on Industrial IoT Edge applications. IOTA provides the EdgeX Foundry with a decentralized, feeless and fast platform to complete transactions. The integrated IOTA protocol works towards

“securing, scaling, and allowing for increased interoperability in the Edge and Fog area of the stack.”

IOTA and Hyperledger Connection

Hyperledger, the permissioned enterprise focused blockchain, is also part of the LF Edge community. The Hyperledger blockchain community has been building permissioned data capabilities on the LF Edge network. The addition of IOTA’s permissionless capabilities offers more options for users building using Linux. The team looks forward to more partnership through the Towards Open Collaboration initiative before the end of the year.

Furthermore, the IOTA blog post hinted on a possible bridge network with Hyperledger. It read,

“The IOTA Foundation has been quietly working towards a Hyperledger bridge for some time.”