Listing of your own cryptocurrency on the CoinGoCoin platform

Are you thinking about listing your own cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start and how to organize the process corretly? Our platform provides the initial cryptocurrency offering and getting your cryptocurrency to the exchange with a guaranteed return on investments.

Our experts will easily deal with the challenges of the realization of your listing idea and will make your cryptocurrency project successful. They will carefully go through each step of the coin creation including its smart contracts and defining characteristics.

    Our team:

  • will assist in organizing the legal concept of your cryptocurrency;
  • will create a description of its features and values;
  • will offer you an initial plan of cryptocurrency offering;
  • will develop a roadmap;
  • will provide an overall project development plan with defined time and key points.

Actions of our experts are well-coordinated and consistent, and thanks to the complete anonymity of the platform any possible problems with the regulators that may arise when listing coins will be prevented.

While creating the technological component of your coins we will develop the necessary infrastructure such as a promotional website, member area, and wallets. Also, within the framework of the project, the most important questions will be resolved, for example, ”what will your cryptocurrency be”, ”will it have its own blockchain”, or ”will we create a product on the blockchains of the well-known Ethereum, EOS, NEO and others”.

We know how to get investors interested in the initial offering of a new cryptocurrency. This will require some small investments in promotion, advertising, and creation of a new token community. At the request of the client, we set up blogs in the most famous social networks and connect marketing mechanisms. In this way, your coin will gain the necessary degree of popularity and will successfully develop.

Offering your cryptocurrency on our platform, as well as on our partners’ platforms, is convenient and profitable. You will be able to effectively sell your product thanks to a properly built sales concept that is taking into account different aspects of the cryptocurrency market.

Our platform has been operating since 2017 and has earned the loyalty of the users of our services who have begun to recommend us to their partners. 

We are focused on regularly introducing innovations and new products of the cryptocurrency industry and therefore fully satisfying the needs of our customers. We provide exclusively high-quality services. In order to further guarantee the security of your assets we:

  • place the client’s financial assets in a segregated bank account;
  • use the platform’s funds when hedging risks;
  • do not transfer your money to the counterparty when hedging;
  • do not speculate;
  • do not have any national and corporate debts;
  • do not invest your private assets;
  • we do not any store data about users and clients in the system and by that provide 100% anonymity

The platform is convenient to use on a PC and any mobile smartphone which gives you a possibility to trade cryptocurrencies 24/7.

Our platform is characterized by the consistency of operation, and its interface is simple and clear for both experienced users and beginners. The platform’s feature set also offers round-the-clock customer support and convenient settings.

Is our offer interesting for you? Get in touch with us by e-mail or by requesting a listing and filling out a form via the link