MangoCoin (MGC) Tries To Sell “Bitmain Miner” with No Connection With Bitmain At All

A small and relatively unknown cryptocurrency called MangoCoin (MGC) has decided to sell a “Bitmain Cloud Miner” recently. This could easily be considered normal, but it turns out that Bitmain has no affiliation at all with the company and its mining device.

On a blog post, Bitmain accuses the company of fraud, affirming that MangoCoin has no direct relationship with the company and that the so-called Bitmain Cloud Miner was not created by them. It was also revealed that the Chinese mining giant might decide to take action against MangoCoin in order to protect its brand and the customers.

The company has also alerted its clients that they should always correctly identify the provider of the goods before they acquire them. The clients have to be careful and always suspicious of any kind of misleading promotion that may use the name of the company. The best way to know if the product is real is to check the company’s official site.

At the time of this report, MangoCoin has not issued any kind of statement about what is happening. The company has not defended itself from the accusations nor proved that its “Bitmain” miner has any kind of relationship with the real company, too.

MangoCoin’s official site is down at the moment due to maintenance, but its wallet and the exchange that uses the token are still up. Neither has talked about the issue as well.