NEO Partners With St. Petersburg State University to Launch A Blockchain Software Dev Course

According to a recent announcement, NEO has partnered with the St. Petersburg State University in Russia to launch an academic program on NEO’s blockchain tech in software development. The program is aimed at teaching students the working of NEO’s ecosystem and the Distributed Ledger Technology.

St. Petersburg State University has a rich history of science and technology studies. The university, which was established in 1724, is globally recognized for its programs in computer science and has 8 Nobel laureates. Computer Science students from the university are among the best brains in the computer space. Graduates from SPBU have performed exemplary at ICPC competitions and other programming Olympiads all over the world. The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, is an iconic graduate of the renown Russian University.

Some of the most significant topics to be taught in the program include introduction to blockchain tech, storage of data in distributed ledger, consensus algorithms, working of NEO smart network, environment deployment, creation of Neo private net, Neo DApps and how to build them on Neo private Network and NEO wallets, deployment of Dapps on Neo MainNet and Neo TestNet, differences between blockchains and Dapps, and understanding the NEO blockchain among others.

Students taking the NEO course program will have a better and deeper understanding of the blockchain tech and the crucial components of Neo blockchain, which are Dapps, wallets, and smart contracts. After completion of the course, the students will be required to use Neo private network to implement a blockchain project on their own, which will involve developing basic DApps and wallets powered by Neo blockchain.

According to recent reports over the last couple of months, the blockchain space offers a wide range of employment opportunities due to the high adoption of the technology and its legitimacy. According to Coinbase, 56% of the top 50 universities in the world are offering courses on either blockchain tech or cryptocurrencies. According to a report released by Hired, the number of blockchain engineers increased five times this year, and the career ranks among the top 3 job earnings globally.