New Crypto-Friendly Blockchain Smartphone, KlaytnPhone, Launches By Samsung

New Crypto-Friendly Blockchain Smartphone, KlaytnPhone, Launches By Samsung

Many big-name financial and technology firms have entered the blockchain and crypto market with a variety of products. The presence of these big-name firms has placed blockchain technology at the forefront of technological innovations that are occurring in the world.

Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s leading digital device manufacturers, announced that they would be launching another blockchain and crypto-friendly smartphone. The smartphone has been named the KlaytnPhone, and it is reported to be a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

According to reports from individuals familiar with the matter, the Samsung device will come with a cryptocurrency wallet and a variety of blockchain applications which are preinstalled. The sources on the subject said that the device would go on sale in South Korea only beginning on the 5th of September.


The smartphone has been named after GroundX’s blockchain platform called KlaytnGroundX is a subsidiary of Kakao, and its blockchain will be used for the device. The smartphone made by Samsung Electronics will display the Klaytn logo when it is turned on and off.

Sources say that the smartphone will retail at $1,000 in South Korea. The people who buy the smartphone will acquire a certain number of Klay tokens with their smartphone. The Klay token is the native token of the Kalytn blockchain system.

Samsung And Blockchain Technology

Samsung has shown significant interest and support for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies through its devices. The latest flagship device from the company, the Samsung Galaxy S10, was released earlier this year and it comes with a crypto wallet and decentralized applications (dApps).

It has previously been revealed that Samsung has plans to extend its blockchain and cryptocurrency-friendly features to its other low-end devices. The company aims to do so in a bid to encourage more Samsung users to engage with blockchain technology and the digital assets that come with it.

Blockchain Industry And Movement into Mainstream Adoption

Blockchain technology is becoming a mainstay in various industries, and this has assisted the tech in its bid for mainstream adoption. Smartphones are used by the majority of people in the world, and Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturers of these devices.

If Samsung manages to have support for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency on all its devices, a lot of people will have the tools they need to engage with these technologies at hand. Bringing this technology into the hands of smartphone users will ensure that there is ease in use and application of blockchain apps.