New cryptocurrency exchange launches in Singapore

On November 30th, an agreement on the launch of a new cryptocurrency exchange was signed in Singapore. Using corporate blockchain and intelligent antifraud system, the exchange is designed to be one of the safest ones in the world. The agreement was signed by two Singaporean companies: Soft Trade Services (the exchange operator) and Sin Tan Soft Pte Ltd (the developer).

The exchange locates at Apart from an exceedingly-safe process-and-storage system, traders will also receive many professional benefits from a comfortable and professional trading platform to a great variety of other useful features. The new Coingocoin exchange can work with 14 type of wallets including ERC20 standard wallet.

Once received, user’s funds are transferred to “cold storages” with higher security access. Using a private blockchain, the database is better protected from not only internal threats, but also external ones from employee’s side. When a transaction happens, Coingocoin’s intelligent module automatically scans all user’s operations for any suspicious and fraudulent signs, based on abnormalities and previous experience, then stops and marks them with special triggers. Thus, trader’s activities are perfectly secured.

It’s well-known that without a standard, integration of a unique token into different systems is in absolute chaos. When an exchange integrates most of the standards, operation is much easier, which is a win-win scenario for all sides. That’s why an exchange should be familiar with new currencies and can declare listings of all ICO with minimal preparation time.