New Payment App for IOTA Cryptocurrency is Developed for Games and Apps

Marlon Morales, blockchain developer, creates new payment system that helps IOTA cryptocurrency users make in-app purchases and send funds too.

A new payment system designed for games or apps and that supports the IOTA cryptocurrency has been developed by Marlon Morales.

The system can be used by game developers to let their users send money to one another. It can also be a way to make in-app purchases payments. The system features a wallet for keeping funds and making payments. Of course, these are all things that can be normally done when making an IOTA payment, but what’s great about this new system is that it allows payments within games or apps. This is what Morales said about it in a tweet:

He also mentioned the system can be used to pay using IOTA within games and when trading items.

Morales Has Said He Will Improve the Design

The system’s user interface is currently barebones, but Morales said he’ll improve it. People in the IOTA community are supportive of what the developer has created and even encourage game developers to implement it. While Morales is the first to have thought of IOTA, others are working on projects that are similar to his. For example, developers at Nano have last month released the plug-in for in-game Nano transactions for Unreal Engine 4. The Nano system is like the one Morales has created, as it allows gamers to top up their crypto wallets and to use them while playing. Wesley Shillingford, who works as a senior software developer for Nano has said:

“A similar approach could be applied in various ways, like killing bosses, picking up Nano like a powerup through the level.”

The blockchain technology has great potential when it comes to the gaming industry. It’s only up to game developers to implement the new technology breakthroughs.