PundiX (NXPS) Launches Blok On Blok (BOB) Smartphone With All Data Being Processed On Blockchain

How convenient that Apple released the iPhone 11 the same day as PundiX blockchain based smartphone, which has been in production for the past year. 

In a highly publicized reveal on Sept 10. PundiX revealed its new fully backed blockchain smartphone, Blok on Blok (BOB), during the IFA event held in Berlin. The phone is the first ever fully blockchain based cellphone in a bid to promote decentralization, privacy and data security on the platform.

The Blok on Blok (BOB) Smartphone

Following a year’s wait on the launch of the BOB smartphone, introduced as the XPhone, the company is expected to release 5000 units as a test run of the device. The smartphone will trade at a retail price of $599 USD across various stores in the world as the POS blockchain company aims to increase mass adoption of crypto payments.


The first fully blockchain based smartphone, Blok on Blok (BOB) by PundiX released on September 10. (Source: Ciol.com)

The BOB smartphone is built to execute all data on the blockchain with users offered an option to switch to Android mode by a click of a button. The decentralization aspect of the blockchain ensures no central parties collect your data while using the apps installed which enhances privacy. Each unit of BOB will come with the MOD Assembly Kit, which consists of detachable parts that make up the XPhone’s external look.


Security from the inside out: BOB allows self-customization of your smartphone

Zac Cheah, CEO of PundiX, showed his excitement with the release of its flagship blockchain phone claiming this is a

“big step forward in our mission of creating a Blockchain Internet.”

The company is working on a global, decentralized network to share data through peers while maintaining privacy and access to the owner’s data.

On the capabilities of the flagship blockchain BOB phone, Zac said,

“More importantly, BOB gives a sneak peek of a world powered entirely by blockchain technology, where everyone has control over their own data and everything is executed with the expectations of immutability and transparency.”

In August, PundiX extended its POS services across hyperinflation-hit Venezuela adding its crypto payments services across 50 stores in the country.