The security of the platform CoinGoCoin

In today’s world, there are billions of financial transactions every second. An increasing percentage of them occur online, many using cryptocurrencies. Every day, participants of the global financial market are looking for ways to make their money transactions quickly, safely, with the least number of intermediaries and, most importantly, anonymously. Often, governments, regulators and financial authorities have an interest in maintaining transparency in all transactions and obtaining comprehensive information about their participants and all their transactions. For example, the U.S. Treasury Department has an army of informants and is attracting more and more people to cooperate by providing information on specialized Internet resources.
Any transactions and declarations of crypto-exchange transactions are tracked. For legal entities and individuals, transactions on the CoinGoCoin platform are anonymous. Users do not need to provide credit card or bank account details when making transactions. Instead, each user is known at the address of his wallet, which is a literal-digital code consisting of 26-35 characters. Thanks to this organization of transactions CoinGoCoin manages to maintain complete anonymity, which is an advantage for all bidders. In addition, you don’t need to provide additional withdrawal documents. Because transactions with cryptocurrencies that do not pass through the bank are generally not regulated by governments and corporations.
Information about any transactions to buy cryptocurrencies through the bank is tracked directly by the U.S. Treasury Department. In turn, cash purchases, deposits to individuals, purchases in the online store, etc. allow you to preserve the anonymity of transactions. The CoinGoCoin platform allows you to close a transaction both through the use of fiat money and through cryptocurrency without the involvement of  banks.
The use of cryptography provides a high level of encryption, making tracking any transaction almost impossible. Users can send the amount they choose to the seller or recipient at his address with complete anonymity without the risk of theft.
In order to avoid publicity and reduce the level of anonymity, CoinGoCoin does not allow third-party services to evaluate the platform, does not enter into relations with banks, because, in accordance with the regulations, they include all their clients in reports.
The platform does not track its customers, it only provides computing power for settlements between participants, brokers for quotation of currencies, etc.
The CoinGoCoin platform serves a narrow circle of investors and brokers who use it for settlements on real estate, antiques, securities and other transactions. Using the CoinGoCoin platform for trading helps to ensure the security and anonymity of all financial transactions made through the platform. The system is protected by a private blockchain, which ensures the security of personal information of platform users.