The TIE Publishes Study About Crypto Sentiment All Over The World; Bitcoin and Libra Lead the Way

Do you know which countries are the ones that are most positive on Bitcoin? New research made by The TIE, a crypto trading platform, was recently posted on Twitter.

This new piece of research has found out that around 38.9% of all the tweets related to Bitcoin come from people that live in the United States. Also, 10.5% of them come from the United Kingdom. The company also highlighted Canada, Turkey, India and Australia as countries in which people are talking a lot about the subject. Other countries such as Brazil, France and Nigeria are also faring well.

As the research was focused on the English language, though, it may be a little bit biased, though. Also, the U. S. is the country with more Twitter users in the whole world.

Another important part of the research was to look at the crypto sentiment of each place in order to understand whether people were talking positively or negatively about Bitcoin.

In this part of the research, Peru was the most positive country of all, followed by Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Italy. Quite an interesting list.

The United States was also defined as very positive. According to the research, 61.5% of the tweets were positive to BTC. The global average was 59.8% positive, so the U. S. was only a little bit above the average.

Some of the other countries that were not very positive on Bitcoin were Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland and Estonia. It is curious to see Venezuela in the list as Bitcoin use grew a lot in the country recently, so this may appoint that some people are not very happy with how the technology is being used in the country.

The Global Sentiment About Libra

As Facebook has just decided to showcase Libra to the world, the research also took the new asset into account. Again, the United States is the largest source of Libra tweets with 43.8% of them. The U. K. was also second again, followed by Canada, France and Australia.

Curiously, the sentiment about Libra changed a lot since the announcement. Initially, the project was seen as mostly positive by most countries. Now, however, the general sentiment is more negative, scoring 54.8% of all the Libra-related tweets.

While the sentiment was more positive in the U. K., the U. S. and France had a much more negative impression on Libra.

If the research is to be taken into account, it looks like the world is currently more interested and positive on Bitcoin than in Facebook’s new token. Could this mean that Bitcoin will continue to be the king of all cryptos even with such a hard competition? Let’s wait and see.