The top coins for the first quarter of 2020

The worldwide interest in cryptocurrencies is growing daily and has not focused only on bitcoin for a long time. Experienced investors understand how important it is to diversify investments, closely monitor the cryptocurrency market situation and the appearance of the new promising coins. So within the framework of the CoinGoCoin platform the digital currency RUBT was launched in July 2019, with a 1: 1 peg to the exchange rate of RUB.

The size of the investment of the project founders amounted to 10 billion. rub., which sufficiently provides liquidity at the initial stage of the project. The value of the RUBT coin began to show the steady growth from the mid-November 2019, the reason for which was the use of funds invested by the project founders to issue microfinance loans.

RUBT cryptocurrency capitalization as at 30.04.2020 is $ 2 574 325 000. Since the total amount of RUBT coins to be issued is predetermined (63,000,000,000 coins), it is not subject to inflation. Over time, the RUBT price increase may be unlimited due to limited supply and increased demand.

The average value of RUBT has increased by 148.57% over the period from July 2019 to April 2020. Herewith, the cost of BTC for the same period decreased by 32.29%, the cost of ETH decreased by 30.75%. Thus, we can observe that even under the current turbulent conditions, the RUBT coin has significant investment potential in comparison with the main cryptocurrencies. Based on the available data it can be predicted that investment in RUBT is profitable in the long term with an average earning potential of + 113.44% per year.

Then, I would like to provide the main cryptocurrencies rating based on data on capitalization and investor preferences.

The amount of cryptocurrency capitalization is an important factor that the investor takes into account when making a decision whether to purchase or not. Here are the top 10 most popular cryptocurrencies to date. It is for these currencies there is the most demand among traders and crypto-investors due to the constant growth of the exchange rate, its high liquidity and prospects for further development.

The rating is constantly updated, since the cryptocurrencies capitalization is changing due to the market situation and the events associated with each specific cryptocurrency, for example, news regarding regulation and the blockchain technology in general. This article provides the capitalization data as at 28.05.2020.


1. Bitcoin

Market cap – $ 171 636 948 419

Traditionally, the first and most famous cryptocurrency occupies the first place in the list. The price of the Bitcoin has always remained the highest among all cryptocurrencies, but it also had difficult times. Now the currency is recovering after a long downtrend and in a very quick pace. Therefore, the demand has risen sharply, the hype is again at maximum. And as a result, capitalization is growing rapidly.

Under conditions of continued trade confrontation between China and the United States, bitcoin along with gold will remain a “refuge” for owners of large fiat assets. And if the financial crisis continues in Argentina, Venezuela, Iran, some of the funds will be withdrawn from these countries to be transferred to cryptocurrency.

2. Ethereum

Market cap – $ 23306 333 022

Although the Ethereum project has slowed down in recent months and is not so often seen in news headlines, users still believe that the value of the asset will increase to 1,000 USD soon.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum uses practical smart contracts in its work, which are the basis of many projects and of transactions and workflow digitalization. Its value may grow up due to increasing demand for the service, but not due to the asset scarcity, as is the case with BTC. A large role in the success or failure of the  will depend on the upcoming fork updates and implementation of the Proof-of-Stake proof algorithm in the near future. Regulators’ recognition and the community’s decision to exclude ETH from the altcoin list can also affect the growth.

3. Tether

Market cap – $ 8 830 282 527

Cryptocurrency the value of which is equal to the US dollar. Such currencies are called stablecoins and serve to digitalize national currencies. This eliminates the weak point of crypto – high volatility, and at the same time all the key advantages of electronic money (security, anonymity, lack of borders) are retained. Many companies are already partially transitioning from the traditional dollar to Tether to take advantage of these benefits. This determines the popularity of the currency.

4. Ripple

Market cap – $ 8 708 737 947

XRP is also called the “king of banking infrastructure.” The successful conclusion of contracts with the largest financial market players allowed us to talk about the Ripple ecosystem as a local breakthrough in the crypto industry. The crux of the biscuit was the integration with Western Union and the potential replacement of SWIFT to accelerate and reduce the cost of transferring substantial sums between contractors.

However, you should not expect superprofits from XRP. Even in the case of absolute success, it is unlikely that its price will rise above 0.7 USD in the next couple of years.

5. Bitcoin Cash

Market cap – $ 4 312 977 642

The fifth place in the list of top cryptocurrencies is taken by Bitcoin Cash – the currency formed as a result of the ВТС hard fork in mid-2017. There are two main differences from digital gold. Firstly, part of the information is taken outside the blockchain, which facilitates the operation of the network. Secondly, the limitation of 1 MB per block size was removed, so that the miners were able to make money more efficiently.

We considered only the most notable cryptocurrencies for today, that worth attention while planning investments. It is not necessarily that they will bring superprofits, but in any case, all investors know that funds must be distributed differentially, invested in proportion to the degree of trust based on the analysis each asset.

Many investors today are ready for new things, look for interesting investment options among emerging cryptocurrencies, willingly investing in the most promising of them.

RUBT coins can be purchased at the specialized cryptocurrency platform CoinGoCoin, which is based on a blockchain platform based on Ethereum smart contracts.

To purchase RUBT coins, you need to register on the CoinGoCoin platform – it takes up to 10 minutes.

When registering, your account is automatically created and you can transfer money to it – now the platform works only with BTC. Two-factor authentication is used to protect your account.

When there are BTC on the account, you can buy a RUBT coin. In the same way, RUBT is sold through BTC, and the main amount of investment and profit is withdrawn from your account.

Currently, the RUBT coin is being traded on the CoinGoCoin platform in pairs with two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).

The daily trading amount is about 1000 RUBT for the RUBT / BTC pair and about 360 RUBT for the RUBT / LTC pair. Outside the platform RUBT trading amounts are many times higher than on the CoinGoCoin platform.